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Draw Results last updated: 15:00 pm 24th Apr. 2018

3 Letter Forecast
1 Winner - £250
Next draw: 29th Apr. 1:30pm
Next draw prize fund £250


180 Card
Next draw: 29th Apr. 8:30pm


Lotto Draw
Next draw: 29th Apr. 9:30pm
One winner £1500
Next Draw £500+ numbers 1-40


Key Draw
Next draw: 30th Apr. 9:30pm
£200 in the box



We have now installed SKY TV and BT Sport to allow us to show all major sporting events, this is inline with requests from our members and guests.


It is hoped that this is supported by additional trade to cover the costs of this.


Subs are now being collected for 2018, these can be paid on Friday 26th and Sunday 28th January and Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th March.


ALL members should have paid their subscriptions by these dates.


ALL 'Life Members' should also have collected their cards by these dates, this is to ensure those that wish to remain as members are recorded and that we have accurate and up to date records of our membership.


Our annual general meeting was held on 18th June 2016, the Management Committee decided that two points should be decided by the members to ensure a 'full and clear democratic process took place' and leave the choice of these decisions to the membership.


1. The members decided that the use of e-cigs and vaping machines anywhere with the club was to be banned.

2. From January 2018 annual subscriptions are to be increased to £5.00 then increased by £1.00 per annum for successive years.

These decisions were taken by the members attending the meeting and voting by a 'show of hands'.



There are rumours that the club is closing due to unpaid bills to Heineken UK or the VAT or the PAYE or various others, (depending on who you are prepared to listen to!).




Our takings have suffered over the last 7 months or so, this has led to it being difficult to pay the amounts required on some of the historic debts that the club has on our repayment plan.


Our repayment plans are currently being re-negotiated, this may mean that our debts will take longer to clear, but in no way threaten the clubs future at this time.


The club clearly needs the support of its membership to ensure we can in the future continue to trade.


The new door entry system becomes operational on 1st July 2016.


This has became neccesary to satisfy the requirements of our Insurers, Local Licensing Authority and the local Police, as well as providing a safer environment for our staff and customers.


To gain automatic entry to the club you need to purchase a key fob priced £3.00, you need to enter your details (name and membership number) on the tickets available behind the bar, when complete hand this back over the bar with the correct payment.


Your fob will be set up and registered as soon as time allows and can be collected from the Bar.